William Paterson’s Historic Compound, Dungog


Dungog is a small country town in the central Williams River region of New South Wales, Australia. It’s located at the center of the timber and dairy country and in the last census it had only a population of 1,925 people. This small town has a lot to offer, plenty of walking tracks, a variety of shopping, dining, cafes, and a popular horse riding and camping destination. If you like wildlife then you’ll love this place as there is over 60 threatened species of its own. The Dungog Sanctuary is home to some of them. You can go hiking, boating, fishing, or just enjoy watching the wildlife from a comfort place.

How to know about William Paterson

Dungog sits right by the Dungog River which flows through the district. In the year 1534 Captain William Murray who was the first British Captain to settle in what we call Dungog, was the first to use the land here. It took him 40 years to build his first house and he was followed by his men and families until they finished building the first store. Dungog today has many different stores selling antiques, knick knacks, gifts, souvenirs, and clothes. There are also historical buildings such as historical battlefields, gun emplacements, historical prisons and cemeteries as well as the National Trust properties. Many people visit dungog and stay in one of the many accommodation options such as bed and breakfast, motel rooms, inns and cabins.

The town of Dungog, New South Wales was incorporated as a town in 1820 and became known as William Paterson’s seat. A street called Royal Dungog Street is named after the late William Paterson, who was the first Australian Lord Protector. Dungog has had its fair share of tragedy as well as success and today it attracts many people from all over the world especially those from the United Kingdom. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the Australian exceptional charm and history of the Dungog Valley.