What to Look For in an Email Validation Service

email validation

Email validation  is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Without it, your emails could get lost or redirected to junk folders, which can damage your brand reputation and reduce the chances of making sales. If you’re a small business looking to purchase an email verification tool, here are some things to consider:

Make sure you choose an online email validator that works as Software-as-a-Service. This type of email verification service is more efficient because it doesn’t require your computer resources and works from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, most of these services offer a free trial so you can test out the product before committing to a long-term contract.

Email Verification: Ensuring Accuracy and Quality in Your Contact Lists

Look for an email verification tool that offers a list-categorization feature. This allows you to categorize the types of email addresses in your database, helping you to target more relevant messages and ensure that your emails are delivered properly. It’s also a good idea to look for a tool that can identify typos and other common errors in email addresses, such as forgetting the @ symbol or using an invalid domain.

The best email validator will automatically verify each address in your list as it’s added, ensuring that the email is still active and belongs to someone who can receive your messages. In addition, it will help you maintain a high sender score and avoid spam complaints by removing invalid email addresses from your lists. Large companies that regularly validate their email lists have reported that for every 5000 emails they send, they receive less than five spam complaints.