The Benefits Of Using A Paddle Switch

A paddle switch has been used in many home and professional offices for over 60 years. A decorative switch is commonly used in many homes and commercial buildings. Decorator switches often provide a cleaner, more modern look than older toggle switch controls. Also called rocker switches, or paddle switches.

How To Win Clients And Influence Markets With Paddle Switch

Paddle switches are operated via the movement of a lever, generally on the front side of a device. Switches can be a single function, or double, with a feature that allows you to “turn off” both the “on” and “off” capabilities of the device. Many devices will have a pusher bar that pushes or pulls a plunger or lever to turn off the power, once the “on” switch is turned. This feature is similar to a level switch in that it functions by detecting the height of bulk solids, to determine whether the device needs power or not.

Switches are an excellent way to control electrical loads. In commercial settings, they can be installed between electrical circuits, along with a circuit breaker, to prevent short circuits from happening. These switches are an inexpensive way to provide a simple method of preventing a deadly electric shock, which could be potentially fatal if a person is in the path of one. Many electrical switches will also have an automatic shut-off feature, to prevent overloads from occurring when a circuit breaker is not closing completely.