Solar Panel Buy – How to Choose the Right Solar Panel For Your Home

solar panel buy

Solar panels turn sunlight into clean, renewable electricity to power your home. They’re available in a wide range of sizes, from durable thin-film solar panels to rigid aluminium-framed crystalline solar panels, and come with 25 year power output warranties. You can estimate how many solar panels you need for your house by dividing your energy usage (in Watt-hours per day) by the average daily solar insolation in your area, then multiplying that number by 30-50% to account for system inefficiencies.

The cost of your system will depend on the size and type of solar panel buy you choose, and installation costs will vary by location. You should consider your local energy incentives, which will affect your total solar power system cost. Permitting and interconnection fees should also be factored in to the final price.

Unlocking the Power of the Sun: Your Complete Guide to Buying Solar Panels

Reputable installers who plan to be around to support you for decades won’t sell you the cheapest solar panels. You should treat it the same way you would shop for any other home improvement project, and find an installer that’s a good fit for your goals, budget and home.

If you’re buying a home with a solar panel system installed, be sure to ask about the terms of the lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). In most cases, the solar company will retain ownership of the panels and you will only be purchasing the power they generate, which may limit your ability to transfer the contract to another homeowner.