School Gates and Other Security Measures

Using gates, fences and other forms of security measures to deter theft, vandalism and other problems can help a school maintain a safe environment. In addition, a good-looking fence can improve a school’s image, helping to create a positive impression on students and their parents.

What is the best security gates in South Africa?

The best thing about a fence is that it keeps the wrong people out and allows for better supervision of students. A fence can deter theft and other problems that might lead to a student leaving the school. A fence can also protect a School Gates from unwanted guests, such as a gang or a troubled youth.

The key is to decide whether your school is big enough to accommodate such a large number of visitors. If so, you will need to institute some protocol for people who don’t have a state-issued ID.

The School Gate Guardian is a system that scans visitors’ IDs to collect the relevant information. These results are then compared with information in several databases.

A corresponding ID badge is printed, which contains the visitor’s name, photograph and the aforementioned state-issued ID. The badge is self-expiring.

A single-exam admissions process may be the only such process nationwide. It is unusual, to say the least.

Another system uses a card reader to gather the necessary information from a driver’s license. This data is then matched with information in several databases, including a sexual offender database.

It is also the most time consuming, but the most impressive.