Satta King Game – A Game of True History

satta king game

Satta Matka or Satta Kings are an India lotto game that saw its origin from the pre-ependence days. Yes, people were playing the lotto for quite some time before Independence. The first game was brought in the Indian region right before Independence. The lottery got its name from the Matkas, or the wooden pots where the chits were drawn from. The rules of these games are fairly simple, which permitted almost everyone from high society educated people to common class people to participate in the game and eventually win big.

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What is interesting to note about the data king games, is that they are so popular among Indians, even people from other countries come to India to play these games. The reasons for this could be many, but there is one thing that is apparent. All the different winners in these games have a similar story to tell. Most of these stories are very sad, and most of these players feel that it was fate that they got to lose all that they had won.


There are many people who are fascinated by the satta kings game. The reason for this could be two fold. One is the sheer fun that the game brings to a person, and the second reason is the sense of achievement that one gets when they get a big jackpot prize. People have fun while playing these games and then win big in some kind of a jackpot prize.