National Garage Conversions Month

Garage conversions make sense for homeowners for many reasons. Elderly parents move in and require a bedroom, the kids want a recreation room, or a father decides to set up his home business. But if you’ve skirted around the rules of your homeowner association or zoning laws, and if you don’t have permission from your local council or septic tank company, it may be difficult to get your project through.Click this link

What is the cheapest way to convert a garage to a living space?

Converting your garage to a kitchen, bathroom or apartment can cost up to $30,000 — and it is a major renovation that requires the services of a general contractor. A contractor can help you meet regulations and safety standards to keep your renovation on schedule and on budget, as well as deal with the numerous plumbing and electrical requirements of a change of use.

A more affordable option is to convert your garage into a utility room — this includes appliances, a laundry sink and space for sorting, folding, and hanging clothing. You’ll likely spend less on this project because you can skip design elements for cost-effective functionality.

You can also turn your garage into a garden room that adds relaxed entertaining and living space to your home. This can be done by knocking through an adjacent wall to create a pergola-style structure, with or without a roof and open sides. A pergola can cost around PS11,757. You’ll need to consider the costs of materials, landscaping and an outdoor kitchen, which can increase your overall renovation bill.