Clear Eyebrow Gel

As the name suggests, clear eyebrow gel is a product that can be used to tame and shape your arches while keeping them in place all day long. It can also be applied after filling in your brows with pencil, pomade, or powder. Whether you’re going for a natural feathered look, a sleek laminated finish, or something in between, the best clear eyebrow gel will help your arches stay looking soft and groomed while still being able to move as they please.

The most important factor in choosing a brow gel is understanding how much hold you’ll need. Those with fine or thin brow hairs should go for a lightweight formula (like the one we recommend below) that won’t feel too heavy once it dries down. Meanwhile, those with thicker brows should look for a strong-hold option (like the Ami Cole Ultra-Flex Brow Shaping Gel).

The No-Makeup Makeup Essential: Clear Eyebrow Gel Tips and Tricks

This product is an editor’s favorite because of its lightweight formula and standard spoolie brush. Our tester found that the brush was a good size to easily comb through her eyebrows and deposited just enough gel for a pretty yet functional result. It also dried to a soft, comfortable finish that felt completely flake-free.

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