Choosing a Running Track Resurfacing Contractor Near Me

running track resurfacing contractor near me

When choosing a running track resurfacing contractor near me, it’s important to find one who has a significant amount of experience in the industry and has worked with facilities that are similar to yours. This includes evaluating whether the company has worked with athletic departments and sports organizations of various sizes, types, and locations. This can give you a better sense of what to expect during the construction process and how the finished project will look.

It’s also important to consider how your facility will be used. For example, does it host high school or community sporting events? Are you looking for a surface that will help athletes train for competitions or simply provide a safe recreational environment for athletes of all skill levels? These factors can impact your overall costs for the construction of a new running track.

Track Resurfacing 101: What to Look for in a Local Contractor

Some of the most common causes for running track resurfacing include issues with drainage and asphalt that is becoming uneven or cracking. These problems often require a full reconstruction of the surface. When this happens, Hellas Construction’s expert technicians can correct the problem using the latest technology and techniques, ensuring your running track is safe for use again.

Another common issue is the build-up of organic material in your drain system. Left unchecked this can prevent water from draining properly and could potentially damage your track surface. Our maintenance crews can open the drain covers and pressure wash away any dirt or debris that may be causing an issue.