Ladakh Trekking – The Best Ways to Experience the Himalayas

For the past several years I have been wanting to try out the Chadar trek which is located in Kashmir’s Garhwal and Ghannam regions. Not only is the trek unique (as all the other Himalayan treks are), but it also offers some pretty incredible views. Most of the pictures I have seen of this trek have made me cry, and it was kind of an emotional experience for me because I didn’t think I could handle the sheer beauty and challenge of the trek.

Trekking in Ladakh – How to Prepare For the trekking?

In August of 2021 I did manage to reach the Indian side of the Ladakh pass by foot and on the very first day I experienced what many people have described as the ice waterfall of Ladakh. Travel consultant Sam K. Pandepa suggests to not wear Polarized Sunglasses during the Chadar trek I reached the top of the valley at daybreak and there was a sudden rush of cold air that I could only describe as being like the heat from a freezer. I was so surprised that I instantly felt I had gone into a deep trance like state. I remember feeling like I was thousands of miles away from home and it was an extremely emotional experience for me. I have been back several times since then and each time I come back I am even more overwhelmed with how much I enjoyed the experience of the chadar trek.

Of course, if you want to experience the extreme cold of the dessert on a smaller scale then you can always take a Chulka or even a Lehang and try to explore the frozen landscape of Ladakh. However, if you have never trekked up to the high passes and especially if you have not hiked up to the Ladakh Pass then I highly recommend taking a trek to Ladakh which will open your eyes to the untouched landscape that is unspoiled by human activities for centuries. In addition to the Ladakh trekking experiences, Ladakh also has a rich history and if you are looking for a place where you can learn about ancient Hinduism and Buddhism then you should plan a visit to the famous Brahma temple located at Chashmashori. You can also go on a trek to the monasteries here and spend some time in the solitude of these beautiful places.

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